Trained in cultural anthropology, Elizabeth Bodien was at first skeptical that past lives even existed, much less that exploring them could heal present-life troubles. However, the first time she was professionally regressed, she immediately experienced a clear and complete life as Rita, a Mexican woman in the 1700s. There was a deeply emotional resonance there and Bodien began to feel she could very well have been Rita of 18th-century rural Mexico, as well as any number of other people.


In Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives, Bodien chronicles nine of the most fascinating and relevant of her past lives, including lives as an abandoned child raised in a nunnery in Helvetia, a male sandal-maker in Ancient Greece, a German calligrapher who speaks with the dead,  an Atlantean priestess-in-training, and even a future life. 


These experiences are presented with the author’s careful attention at each stage: resistance, fascination, doubt, and renewed openness. And she might not have been able to continue if it weren’t for her spirit guide, Fortune,  a mysterious stone spirit who guided her progress and led her to  become a writer of the “mysteries of life.” 

Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives by Elizabeth Bodien

    • Paperback: 327 pages
    • Publisher: Cosmographia Books (March 14, 2019)
    • ISBN-13: 978-1732269064
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    • Category: Memoir/Spiritual
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