With 84 poems by 63 poets from 5 countries, this anthology explores the many faces of transcendent experience.



Mary Alter

Gabriela Alvarado

Craig Barker

John Barrale

James Blackmon

Susan P. Blevins

Lynne Burnett

Bob Canuel

Tara Carnes

John Carter

Charles Coté

Suzannah Dalzell

Nick Dante

Steve Elder

Hannah Fleming

Ana Fores Tamayo

Elizabeth Fox

Meg Freer

Annette Gagliardi

Arnie Gerstein

Suzanne Gili Post

Anna Gionet

Ari Gold

Nancy Gustafson

Judyth Hill

W.J. Lofton

Olivia Kingery

Alex S. Klein

David Lawton

Charles Leggett

Michael H. Levin

Joshua Lipson

Marianne Lyon

Randy Mazie

Celina McManus

Lisa Mecham

Robert Miller

Caroline Misner

Kyle Mola

Charlene Moskal

Josephine Napiore

C.M. O’Brien

Lucía Orellana Damacela

Julia Peachum

Carrie Magness Radna

stephanie roberts

Noah Rodriguez

Grey Rosado

Stephen Seabridge

Tyler Shafer

Aiyah Sibay

Leonora Simonovis

Nathan Steinman

Melanie Swetz

Larry Thacker

Dianalee Velie

Cynthia Ventresca

Ben Weise

O. Alan Weltzien

Sharon Whitehill

Elizabeth Winkler

Haley Wooning

Fariq Yusoff

The Spirit It Travels: An Anthology of Transcendent Poetry

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