Steve Huff

Steven Huff is the author of a previous collection of stories, A Pig in Paris (Big Pencil Press 2008), and three collections of poems: More Daring Escapes (Red Hen Press 2008), The Water We Came From (FootHills 2003), and A Fire in the Hill (Blue Horse Press 2018). He has worked in publishing for many years, and is now founding editor of Tiger Bark Press. He teaches creative writing in the Solstice Low Residency MFA Program at Pine Manor College in Boston, and lives in Rochester, New York.


Blissful and Other Stories

A cornucopia of marvelous and various Americana. Huff's fictions sometimes shock, never cheat, always instruct, and persist in the memory, as real as the best and worst days of our lives. --Sterling Watson, author of Sweet Dream Baby

Huff's characters occupy the edges, the rich ecotones between city and rural, wealthy and poor, native and wandering, needy and full. They are also buffeted by the fates, living and dying not by chance but as organized by some all-seeing, -knowing, -powerful hand with a sardonic sense of irony and humor. --Stephen Lewandowski, author of Under Foot




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